GeeklyHub is created to harmonize the flow of knowledge with a user-friendly study productivity platform
We designed GeeklyHub as an all-in-one solution for students, teachers and parents that empowers them to learn better, enhance educational best practices and prevent communication gaps. We proudly offer the functionality developed to spark your potential:
  • ∙ The set of task management and progress tracking tools for students, teachers and parents;
  • ∙ The access to high-quality short educational videos on various topics in our learning center;
  • ∙ The ability to connect to an experienced tutor to get help with any study-related problem.

Our mission is to create the greatest generation while developing unique tools that enable improved teaching effectiveness and student success

We help:

  • Students
    Study more effectively, manage homework wisely and get assistance from trusted tutors when stuck with any difficult topic
  • Teachers
    Automate all student management processes, save time on task sharing, provide instant feedback and track their progress
  • Parents
    Monitor their child's performance, stay aware of their tasks and activities, help them find solutions with on-demand tutoring

We believe in:

  • Education
    building morals, values, and a well-balanced mind that contributes to our future
  • Technology
    making a huge difference to simplify and manage all learning processes
  • Collaboration
    being the heart of every learning experience is the key to progress and success
Time is a terrible thing to waste, agree?
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