Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This section of the document explains the conditions under which the GeeklyHub company collects, stores, processes, and uses collected or provided information about you, our valued Customer. Within the scope of this document, the further use of the terms "GeeklyHub", "Online Educational Platform", "online service", "our system", "system", "website", "us", "we" and "our" refers solely to the The same Privacy Policy rules also apply to process and store the information that is collected during your online sessions, including the information that you personally provide us with. The given Privacy Policy rules and regulations do not apply to information that you share with the third parties.

2. What Information Does Our Company Collect?

The GeeklyHub company only collects specific personal information that is absolutely necessary for correct functioning of the online service provided. The personal information is strictly limited to your email address specified, phone number or your Facebook ID. Alternatively, you always have an option not to share this information with us. In such a case, it is still possible to browse the company's website, but your online session will not include the creation of a secure personal account. Additionally, you will not be able to use all the benefits and features of our Online Educational Platform that are both paid and free.
The GeeklyHub Company also collects, uses, and processes information that is not vital for providing of the service, including:
  • The information that you personally choose to provide us with
  • The information that is automatically collected from your browser while you visit the website
  • Information that is received from the other third-party sources

3. The Use of Provided / Collected Information

The GeeklyHub Company collects, stores, and processes information that is directly provided to us during your online sessions when you fill in the Profile section in your personal account. Information is also collected when you contact us or fill in an online form where you have a choice to share your phone number, age, place of study, your education or any other information that you choose to provide.

Automatically Collected Information

As you visit our Online Educational Platform, the following data is automatically collected:
  • Visitor's information that includes your IP address, browser version, frequency, duration of your online session, and the list of pages that have been viewed during your visit.
  • Device information that includes the type of device that you have used to access the website. It does not reveal any personal information about you and is limited to hardware model, Operating System, and the screen resolution.
  • Your location information based on your IP address as a visitor and when you create an account with the GeeklyHub company.
  • The information that is collected by the third party services like external cookies and various tracking scripts. These services and scripts are used to obtain information about the visitors. You can find out more about it on our Cookie Policy section.

Information From The Other Sources

It is possible for us to receive information about you from the other sources. It happens when the aforementioned third-party cookies and scripts have your consent and permission for sharing. Alternatively, if you create an account or log in through the Facebook account, access to certain information may be automatically granted by the aforementioned service. Specifically, the GeeklyHub company will see the email address that you have used to create your Facebook account. Such kind of data is crucial for correct access to our Online Educational Platform as well as for access to both free and the paid services.

Sensitive Personal Information

The GeeklyHub Company does NOT collect sensitive personal information that may include and is not limited to: your race, ethnicity, gender, political beliefs, religion, and your medical condition. If you choose to share this kind of information with us, we shall neither store or process it in our system’s database. The GeeklyHub company may not be held responsible for any sensitive data or personal information that you may choose to share with the other Users of Online Educational Platform.

Privacy Protection of the Minors

The GeeklyHub Company is not intended for use by anyone under the age of eighteen (18) and does not intentionally collect information about the minors accessing the system.

Legal Use of Information

The legal basis for collection, processing, and the use of provided information depends on the context of the situation, based on which, the information is in question is being accessed. At the GeeklyHub company, we use the information that is vital for the functioning of the Online Educational Platform, both paid and free features. We also process your information when it is in our legitimate interest to carry out such action, as it may be the case when we try to prevent the fraud, improve security of our system, make sure that we can contact you in case of an urgent need, and enhance your online experience with the GeeklyHub company.
In addition, we may be legally obliged to collect your information and might need collected data to protect your interests, as well as the interests of other users on the Online Educational Platform. Such information is used to operate, improve, modify, to protect our system, and grant you instant access to our free and paid services.

Information Use for Online Educational Platform's Improvement and Correct Operation

Provided/collected information is used to maintain, modify, and improve the operation of the given system that includes processing of transactions, development of new and special services, the launch of the new products, and overall performance improvement.
The information is used for control and monitoring of the website statistics and visits, as well as for analytical purposes that include the study of website visitor's experiences. It is necessary in order to prevent and investigate fraudulent activities or transactions, to prevent abuse, and limit any actions that violate the Company's Honor Code and Terms and Conditions of Use.
The Information is used to protect the rights and safety of all users visiting the GeeklyHub Company. Conducting a statistical analysis, performing diverse administrative tasks, and accounting operations, your safety, and privacy always come first.

Data Used For Communication

The information provided is used to communicate with you, which means that it is vital to ensure that we:
  • Provide you with customer support and timely service
  • Address all your concerns and questions
  • Keep you informed about the news and the technical information
  • Conduct the surveys
  • Keep you posted about the updates in relation to your communications with the other users of our system, if you choose to share such information.

Other Cases of Information Use

The GeeklyHub Company uses your information to show you selected content and features that best fit your profile and preferences. Such information may also be used for promotional purposes.

4. Information Sharing

The GeeklyHub Company shares your information with the third parties and the authorities. It is absolutely necessary in order to meet the legal obligations and keep our own legal rights secure. The information provided may be transferred to the other countries based on legal request.

Service Providers Sharing

Ensuring that no violation related to rules of access to your information take place, the GeeklyHub company relies on the use of the third-party services in order to help operate our website and to continuously improve it. It is necessary to be done for payments processing, email communication, data hosting, advertisement services, and technical support. Third-party services are strictly authorized to use only the specific information necessary for the system's correct operation.

Security Providers Sharing

The GeeklyHub Company uses diverse tools and methods, both technical and organizational to make sure that your information is kept safe. Specifically, all the data that you choose to provide us with is protected against unauthorized access, modification, and disclosure. All the information provided is stored and securely encrypted in our system. The GeeklyHub Company has trained employees ensuring a due level of data protection policies. Only the employees with the appropriate authorization levels have access to your personal information. Our hardware and software systems have all the latest updates and are constantly being tested in order to protect your information against data breach and malware. Your security depends on you as well, therefore, we require all our users to store their website's access information in a safe place. Remember not to share your password with anyone. Additionally, when you choose your password, make sure that it is different from your other passwords as it increases your data security.

Information Transfer to Other Countries

In case of a necessity to transfer your information to other countries, the countries in question may be different from the place of your residence. Doing so, we ensure that all the required security and legal measures are undertaken and that the Privacy Policy is being met

5. Personal Data Rights

Here is a list of what you have a right for:

  • You can access, change, and request the removal of your private information
  • You can request restricted processing of the data you have provided
  • You can request a download of your information for personal usage
  • You can opt-out of marketing related promotions and marketing contacts
  • You can withdraw your consent for processing and storing purposes by the GeeklyHub company
  • You can complain to your local data authorities regarding our collection of your information

6. Data Sharing Options

  • You have a right to change and review the information that you have provided or that has been collected
  • You have a right to request a complete or partial elimination of your database record in our system
  • You have a right to opt out of GeeklyHub's promotional campaigns and advertising-related messages
  • You can always request to download the information that you have provided us with

Modify and Review Your Information

You have a right to review and modify (update) the information you have provided us with. It can be done by visiting your profile page. Additionally, you can request to modify or delete the information about you that is stored in our system by sending a request to

Delete Your Database Records

You may request us to delete your database records by sending a request to

Opting out of Marketing and Promotion

You have a right to opt-out of promotional and marketing emails and communications by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link in our email messages or by sending a request to

Request to Download Your Information

You have a right to request a download of information that we have stored about you. In case you wish to do so, send an email message with a request to

The Cookies

The GeeklyHub Company and our third-party partners use various tracking scripts, cookies, and the pixels in order to collect information about how you use our website. Learn more in the Cookie Policy section to see how you can limit or opt out of cookies.

7. Contact us

If you have any questions regarding privacy, please contact us at