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  • 4.9
    Sophie M.Top
    Major in English Literature
    2 years with GeeklyHub · requests completed: 83
    I am a college English professor, and I support those who lack a personalized approach in their college. I never leave my student alone with text analysis and difficult tasks. My inspiration is to see that with my help a student becomes more confident.
  • 5.0
    Nancy D.Top
    Major in Nursing
    2 years with GeeklyHub · requests completed: 72
    I am a tutor nurse with a Master degree, and I believe that practitioner nurses are overburdened with tasks and assignments that have nothing in common with their primary duties. I help student nurses to get to the point of every task and complete every clinical journal.
  • 4.9
    John V.Top
    Major in Marketing
    1 year with GeeklyHub · requests completed: 57
    I am Ph.D. in Marketing, and I love to help with big research projects and difficult papers. My slogan is: “Over expectations, before the deadline”. I know that every student has brilliant ideas, and I only aid to express them.
  • 5.0
    Carol C.Top
    Major in Psychology
    1 year with GeeklyHub · requests completed: 92
    I am a research Geek and specialize in curating student’s research projects from the initial proposal to final presentation. I know everything about creating test batteries and surveys, using research statistics, and discussing results. Love to implement students’ research interests!
  • 5.0
    Don S.Top
    Major in Philosophy
    3 years with GeeklyHub · requests completed: 211
    I believe that college philosophy is overcomplicated, so I make sure that I fix everything on my part. Instead of learning readings by route, I help to find an easy and fun way into old texts and sophisticated essays.
  • 4.8
    Geoffrey W.Top
    Major in Law
    3 years with GeeklyHub · requests completed: 118
    I am a law tutor at Phoenix University, and I also have a license. My primary interest is to help students learn tricky specifics of legal memos, court appeals, and other legal documents. Justice is to serve people’s interests, and I’ll bring it to you.
  • 4.9
    Dillan W.Top
    Major in Business Finance
    1 year with GeeklyHub · requests completed: 67
    I am a Master in Finance and Accounting, and I love studying balance sheets, financial reports, and business finance projections. There is nothing scary in finance when you know secret doors, and I show them to students. I am ready to work with complete beginners.
  • 4.8
    Brian M.Top
    Major in Economics
    2 years with GeeklyHub · requests completed: 87
    I’ve got Ph.D. in Economics and a passion for helping students to master this critical subject. The more people know economics, the better our world will be! I specialize in both economics theories and financial math, as well as in economic analysis.
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